Robot races

Tanktop trying to cheat to win the race and Squeaky follow the rules. According to this story, there are an Innocence/Guilt societies because the cheater will never ever win on the other hand the honest will win. This story focuses in what is the right and wrong, so everything needs to apply justice to success in the life.

Alvie eats soup

This story is about a boy his name is Alvie he only eats soup. Actually everyone in his family trying to convince him to eat other foods. Alvie doesn’t eat food and his parents feel shame because Alvie’s granny was a world-famous chef, so she let him eat other food, not just soup. According to what granny do, that’s mean a position of power can also be used to empower people around them.

The Gruffalo 

The mouse uses Gruffalo to make other animals be afraid. Actually, Gruffalo is an imaginary character the Mouse make it these characters to make the fax and snake afraid. The story the story color worldview is Power vs. Fear because the Muse uses Gruffalo as his friend to cheat and make the animal fear. The Gruffalo had the power during the existence, but the mouse took the power through creating this image that all animals are scared of the mouse while they’re scared from Guraffoalo.