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November 2015

Culture clash reading – Part 1

  1. Taking off ties and roll up sleeves of people in the middle of a formal meeting is embarrassing, they will not look formal.
  2. Time management schedule for American businesswomen tend to be extremely strict.
  3. When you’re invited to a dinner party, talking about work is inappropriate and Arabs don’t expect gifts.
  4. Time in Hong Kong is a gold and they utilize every a single second and when it comes to time, they are serious.
  5. Wiping the face with a towel considers weird from a Chinese perspective.



My worldview


This is my world view based on the questionnaire that I answered in class, so I belong to the power and fear.

Perspective and Bias

  • Write down a list of cultural mistakes that people could make in the UAE. Think about greetings, things people could say, presents they might give.
  1. People when greeting they shake hands  without eyes contact.
  2. Use improper wording in public.
  3. Some people spit in the ground
  4. people wearing disrespectful clothes in public and malls.
  5. Students putting their feet on the desk.
  6. People using their left hands for shaking hands or handing over something.
  • What about misunderstandings that Emiratis could cause when they travel abroad?
  1. Wearing expensive jewellery.
  2. Driving with reckless.
  3. Speak loudly to each other.

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