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Africans in the West

I saw that Sudan people live in the U.S so that very different culture, Habits and traditions. In the Sudan, they do not have apartments, although they don’t take a shower and they have problems with the electricity  also , Sudanese go to rivers with containers to pour water for themselves. Moreover, in U.S they have learned new meals. In the U.S, they feel that the life is hard and complexed. US people can buy water bottles everywhere. Finally, in Sudan the life was very poor and very big difference between the cultures.

Culture clash-food


Can be cooked in a different way, people in Thia eat it fried or make it as dried snacks. Bomba  warms  sell for 3 dollars a kilo. Bamboo a good source of protein.

Cultural Object: Arabian Kohl alatmd


I choose to talk about Kohl alatmd as its good representation of our culture:

Al Kohl alatmd is a source of beauty for the emirates women. It’s a natural and useful for the eyes.

As Prophet Mohamed peace be upon him commanded us in many conservations using alatmd for the healing of the eye and germination of hair both men and women. He said peace be upon him (good akhalkum alatmd. Galloway sight and grow hair).

Besides, it’s good from the medical side especially in terms of germs that infect the eye, which might cause infections.

Also, doctors who treat their patients by natural means and the plant is believed that it strengthens visual acuity.

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